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Posted on 2017-02-15

If you have booked a girl from our agency multiple times in our eyes we will start to see you as a ‘regular’. We see you as being loyal to us and that you have found the perfect agency for you.

Our girls love it when they see a regular client as it’s a familiar face that they can trust and enjoy spending time with. Over time both the girl and the client will build some trust knowing that the experience will be as relaxing and entertaining as possible. A lot of our girls have a regular client or two who they know they are going to see at the same time and place every week. Our girls enjoy this as they get to meet someone with real validation who they enjoy.

Regulars pay a lot more attention to the girls than a one of client does and it really does show in how well the date goes. Regulars remember important occasions such as birthdays and will treat one of our girls to a small gift and a high class dinner out.

 If you are looking to become a regular client then its simple and pretty much anyone can be a regular client. The first thing is to pick the perfect Ibiza escort for you, now this is a girl you would love to spend your time with and be careful to pick the right one. Next is obvious, make regular appointments with your perfect Ibiza escorts and over time you will be considered as a regular.

When you are going on the first few initial dates make sure to go to a number of different places to make sure that you get to see what you companion is really like. Doing this you can find out which is the perfect place for you and your companion to spend your time. Over time you will learn about what she really likes and what she secretly hates.

So if you want to become a regular start booking that girl of a dreams and hopefully we will see you each week…. 

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